Response to an article about PS Vue Slim price increases

I read an article about PS Vue price increases and I was wondering what people who didn’t just sign up for the cheap plan thought. This was my comment and question. Article: Question, I’ve read about the price changes for the slim package but what about those who are already on the higher plans like the Elite plan for 54 bucks? I’m on that after a terrible experience with Direct TV Now signing on for their first few months (free HBO and 30 bucks a month could not keep me there). Sure, it’s more expensive but I have access to all the channels I watched before and more Sony acquisitions […]

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Response to article: Five Reasons Why TV Is So Effective | Simulmedia

Response to article: Five Reasons Why TV Is So Effective | Simulmedia This is a very interesting article, I believe this is correct 100% … interestingly enough, no matter what I’m watching on any screen, I go straight to Amazon product reviews if I’m interested in a product or Google Assistant if I want to know more information about something I see. Then, naturally, Facebook will have an advertisement waiting for me on that product or products like it next time I log in. If I really want something, by this point, I’ve probably already bought it but thinking about my habits, seeing it again on FB usually eggs […]

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Tivo Bolt, my response

TL;DR I’m a big fan of Tivo but sadly the service provided is outdated and too expensive. I was one of those extreme loyal followers of Tivo in the past. I had 2 Tivo boxes and I carried one of them with me on trips   It was so easy to bring one with me to watch the backlog of shows and leave the other one at home to keep recording local programming. Plus, at home, that’s how I got my 4 tuners years before there was a box that could do that. Sadly, I still love Tivo’s UI and ease of use but I think it’s way too expensive […]

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Deployed my own simple React project to Surge.

Really stoked, just thought I’d write a short blurb because my challenge this week for myself was to deploy this small project I did in React JS to the web.  I have been working with webpack but never had the need to publish before and was not sure how to manipulate the code to 1. Create a bundle.js for me, and 2. Have it where it needs to be in order to work when deployed. A little background on the project, it was to create a responsive front end design in React where I brought in LESS for styling and choose a slider of choice for the top header slider. […]

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Guy who steals packages in our neighborhood

getKuna Security Light may not be worth it

I tried to submit this review from their email they sent me but their site is having xml / xslt errors :p I’ll post it here, I think the public will appreciate it. There’s a TL;DR area at the bottom but it’s worth reading if you’re trying to decide on purchase: I spend a lot of time talking to customer support through email, especially Christopher about some real shortcomings in the system and policy as far as the Kuna goes. I purchased this to be a real dependable security solution yet I am always left to wonder if it’s really working and if I can really rely on it. The […]

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My Response to the Peter Liang No Jail Ruling

Let’s be real here, he did kill someone and that’s just the sad truth of it all, but he was also a new police officer who I would like to think got into the job for the right reasons. I don’t know him personally but I would like to think he genuinely wanted to help people. For his want of helping people, and a tragic accident, he lost his career, has to live with the memory that he was the cause of ending a life, and has now lost his former friends on the force (if they were ever his friends to begin with for hanging him out to dry) […]

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