Pre-New Year Excitement!

What a year it’s been. Just about a year ago, December 24th, 2014, I got my first job back in the computer field after deciding that the medical field was no longer for me. 

Not to dwell on the past any longer than I have to, but I was held back from my original intentions of being a doctor all those years ago because of not being able to pass all the board exams. Even after I received my degree and finished my education and all that was expected of me. I was down an depressed for so long. I even entered the medical imaging field thinking I should just stay in the field because of all my knowledge. Little did I know at the time, people aren’t treated well, and the pay was not that great either. I’ll leave it at that.

In July of last year, I decided I was getting out. I always liked technology so much, I studied programming as a kid all the way through high school. I worked with a friend at a hosting company for a good year and a half before the economic downturn. I needed to learn to code, be one of those people who knew how to create and keep tech working rather than being what I became, a manager, which was one of the first to be let go.

I spent the next 6 months hard core coding with the New York Code and Design Academy. I got out on Dec 12th and was working by Dec 24th, Christmas Eve. I became more of an Implementation Engineer for them rather than a developer. It wasn’t quite what I wanted but it gave me exposure to the real world of technology and how applications and web pages are really created, released, and maintained. Exciting, but I wanted more. 

I moved on from that role a few months ago and became a real developer, a Front End Engineer, and it’s been gloriously fun ever since. Yes, a lot of the projects are challenging and sometimes the time allotted isn’t really sufficient so you have to put in a lot more hours on off time but seeing what is designed become something real in the world that you can visit every day (and people do) is just energizing and amazing. I just finished helping my team release our 4th web site since I joined this company and it was an awesome way to finish off the year. I couldn’t be happier.

Things can’t be perfect forever though and we just had a round of layoffs at my company that I survived but right now, things are just great. I’m relaxed, I can talk about the past, I can think and not fear the future, it’s one of those rare moments that don’t come often enough and I needed to share that. 

I know there’s still so much to learn and do but I can’t wait to get started again in this new year and stretch some more. ( I actually just created a script in Node.js that I can use everyday that a more senior colleague created for Windows only, I’m stoked it works! I needed a solution for my Mac, and I was able to make it. Here’s to technology! )

As an aside, I’ve said it before but you need to know science and coding in life, I’ve always believed that. Science will tell you how something works, and coding will help you rewrite how it works. Can you feel the power?

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