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Guy who steals packages in our neighborhood

Guy who steals packages in our neighborhood

I tried to submit this review from their email they sent me but their site is having xml / xslt errors :p I’ll post it here, I think the public will appreciate it. There’s a TL;DR area at the bottom but it’s worth reading if you’re trying to decide on purchase:

I spend a lot of time talking to customer support through email, especially Christopher about some real shortcomings in the system and policy as far as the Kuna goes. I purchased this to be a real dependable security solution yet I am always left to wonder if it’s really working and if I can really rely on it.

The main issue, the Kuna misses things! And you never know when that will happen. I’m still a bit peeved because I paid for the camera and service yet sometimes the light doesn’t sense people who are standing right in front of the Kuna at the bottom of the steps for minutes (delivery guys delivering bedroom furniture were never seen, they must be phantoms – they were unpacking my furniture right in front of my door!). I sometimes have to stand in front of the camera and wave before it turns on for me to light my way to locking the door (sensitivity at 90%). And, my trashcan was stolen within the sensor area and it was never recorded. Kuna was nice enough to give me back 14.95, 3 months of service, but a new trashcan cost me 21 dollars so I’m still out.

On top of all this, when it snows or rains, sometimes during sunrise or sunset, the Kuna goes nuts and alerts me and my wife every 2 to 3 minutes daily. I’ve already tried their tips of restarting the lamp, restarting and reloading my app, restarting my phone, and changing the channel of my wifi router. Christopher has been my steadfast contact but like I told him last email, I didn’t buy it to be a beta tester (which they started saying on their reply emails that the software is in beta) – i don’t remember them saying that when I first bought the Kuna.

Sadly, one day when we were getting alerted like crazy, we snoozed the alerts for 2 hours. Someone came by and stole our package. We got a good shot thanks to the Kuna and we reported it to the police but at least if the alerts worked when they were supposed to, i would have seen the guy and hit the alarm button as well as called the cops through the app.

I must mention the app as well as this is version 2 of the app as far as I know and it’s got a lot of bugs. The User Interface is not as good as the original either. The images and places to tap in the new app are smaller and the image thumbnails are smaller too. This does not let you get as good a look at what’s going on before you tap into the camera. The collection of recordings’ thumbnails are smaller too so sometimes it’s harder to see what was going on in the preview screen. I prefer larger images especially if you have a long list of videos to review thanks to the alerts not working right. Once you click in and come out because that was the wrong video, it doesn’t always place you back where you were which means you have to start the hunt all over again.

Also, since the release of the new app, when not on home wifi, it’s harder to connect to the camera outside the home as well. It keeps trying to connect, you see the live image on the first screen where you see all your cameras and it is live but then when you click into the camera, it just keeps loading like it’s trying to connect but not succeeding. If it connected on the last screen, why should it have to connect again and why can’t it?

It used to be so easy to tell my parents or the delivery guys through the app that I wasn’t home or I’ll be up in a minute. Now I never know if it’s going to connect, if it doesn’t, these features won’t be available for use until it does. I’ve missed communication already trying to restart or debug this thing. Very disappointed.

With all these complaints though, I think it’s more versatile and useful than ‘Ring’ but I don’t know how stable their services are. I have a lot of headaches with the Kuna but the guy who stole our packages came around twice (that I know of and that Kuna recorded) and I got some nice images for the police and neighbors but still sad at all the shortcomings.

Truthfully, I think Kuna was a little underhanded promising so much and not delivering a stable product and touting it as a security solution when it’s not reliable enough to be. The new version of the app also makes things worse not better, I’d love to rollback if possible but it’s probably not. That being said, I’m happy to have a light that looks good in the front of the house and I’m glad it was able to help us see the guy who was stealing our packages. In that sense, it’s good, but I also lost a trashcan overnight on garbage day and with all the false alarms that same night, it should have caught the person. And as far as saying they’ll refund some of my service money, they should have gone ahead and just refunded me for my garbage can. It was less than 6 dollars more and would have made me feel better about their commitment to their customers. I’m really disappointed with that.

TL;DR : The Kuna can help with security but is not reliable enough to be a true security solution. The app has bugs, the alert system has bugs, people are missed, and sometimes it doesn’t sense people right in front of the camera. It will help with security and it looks good (depending on your lamp choice) but will also be a constant headache in actual usage. I still recommend it. Thanks for reading.

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