How to Learn New Languages (IMO)

This was in response to a question a colleague asked about what the best way to learn new coding languages are. I thought that I had created a good process, at least for me, and I hope others will be helped by being able to build a good framework of studying new languages for themselves as well using my example.


I can add that when learning new languages, just go right in however you feel you can learn the best. I’ll give you an example using my current experience.

I have to get at a deeper knowledge of XML / XSL / and refine my javascript skills as much as I can before starting a new position.

So far, I know I learn ok by reading, it’s the most easily accessible form of learning.

I’m much better at watching and listening at retaining information.

And of course, the best way is by doing.


On the subway and outside the house, I’ve been reading XML, a great book on XML and XSL with easy to follow examples on my Kindle app.

I’ve been reading JS the good parts, to understand and learn more, also on my Kindle app.

At the gym and when internet is available, I’ve been watching a great JS series I can recommend from Udemy called JS the weird parts by Anthony Alicea. I’m almost done and it did wonders for my understanding of more complex topics as well as simple ones. (note: Wait for a sale, I got the course for 10 bucks!)

When I’m at home or have my computer with me, with my notes on parts that I wanted to review or practice, especially on Saturdays for me, I try to code as many examples of what I want to practice and if I have anything I can upload, I’ll put it on my portfolio or Github gh-pages more for me to see in “real life” rather than on my local environment.

So, I think I use so many approaches that my way is a little slower and splits your attention a little bit but in the end, I’ve also seen more examples in more different ways and hopefully practiced more examples too. In the end, that’s gotta be good.


As a side note, I got a great tip from the Udemy course I mentioned to look into the Underscore source code for some really well written code and I’m about to go through the videos on the Jquery deep dive through their code. These are some of the things you’d be hard pressed to find in book form or somewhere else.

My process is always undergoing refinement and if anyone has tips or comments on how to learn better or what sources to use, pass them on here in the comments. We can all get better faster together!

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