My Response to the Peter Liang No Jail Ruling

Let’s be real here, he did kill someone and that’s just the sad truth of it all, but he was also a new police officer who I would like to think got into the job for the right reasons. I don’t know him personally but I would like to think he genuinely wanted to help people. For his want of helping people, and a tragic accident, he lost his career, has to live with the memory that he was the cause of ending a life, and has now lost his former friends on the force (if they were ever his friends to begin with for hanging him out to dry) and has the shame of being the cop who killed someone by mistake.

Because of my opinion, thinking he is a genuinely good guy who made a big mistake, he Doesn’t deserve to go to jail. He is someone who has failed horribly at something and still has great potential to do good. And if my belief is true, that need to do good will not be extinguished. He will be doing good (after a time of self pity and self doubt) once again in some way, shape, or form. So, keep your opinions of him, whether good or bad, watch him, encourage him to rebuild and continue to do good.

Police officers are a special breed, he was hung out and forced out, there was no Blue Wall of support for him, no. If he got on the job for the right reasons, those will still exist for him for the rest of his life. Judge if you must, that doesn’t matter in the long run.

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