My Response to the Peter Liang No Jail Ruling

Let’s be real here, he did kill someone and that’s just the sad truth of it all, but he was also a new police officer who I would like to think got into the job for the right reasons. I don’t know him personally but I would like to think he genuinely wanted to help people. For his want of helping people, and a tragic accident, he lost his career, has to live with the memory that he was the cause of ending a life, and has now lost his former friends on the force (if they were ever his friends to begin with for hanging him out to dry) […]

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Successful Akamai Purge

New Years Success

Just a short post because I am excited for all the challenges coming in this year.  I was able to write a script in Node.js for use in purging Akamai files. Long story short, my company set a long TTL on files on a certain directory and I needed a way to get my files updated. I created the working purger yesterday but today I wanted to make it more dynamic. It will now ask you on the command line what file you want to purge and then do it once you hit enter.  No more changing the url in the javascript file itself. Stoked, and glad it works.

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Pre-New Year Excitement!

What a year it’s been. Just about a year ago, December 24th, 2014, I got my first job back in the computer field after deciding that the medical field was no longer for me.  Not to dwell on the past any longer than I have to, but I was held back from my original intentions of being a doctor all those years ago because of not being able to pass all the board exams. Even after I received my degree and finished my education and all that was expected of me. I was down an depressed for so long. I even entered the medical imaging field thinking I should just […]

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Flexbox – Ever check it out?

Just a blurb but I finished checking out a CSS Flexbox course on Treehouse just now and it’s such an awesome tool in CSS, we all really should have looked into it sooner.  Admit it, you’re like me, you’ve been using display: flex; and / or inline-flex for the longest time yet all you knew was, “Oh wow, I like the way it looks this way!”  Flexbox containers and items along with the ability to make each element both if needed have opened up the doors of my mind! I really love 3 column layouts actually, I love the way they look and feel and how much information you can […]

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Working on IE11 W10

My Rant on Internet Explorer Development

So my big success if you can call it that this week in development is trying to solve an issue (one of many) that internet explorer has with CSS code in my development.  So at work, I created a “breaking news” treatment for stories for a news client and for some reason, a complaint came by my desk that it wasn’t working right on Internet Explorer? Really? Nah, that couldn’t be! I honestly don’t even test on IE if I don’t have time because I program on macs and my Windows on Parallels on my laptop refused to install correctly and I have not had time to debug it. My […]

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Reply to Atlantic Article

My reply to Atlantic Article on pens and writing:  http://po.st/saveWriting Contrary to what some have said, I care about fountain pens! I started writing with one in my first year of college. It was a modern Parker ink cartridge fountain pen. I loved to write at that time and wanted to write more and more.  After college, I got into healthcare and everyone knows the multitude of forms and the stacks of forms with carbon paper that you have to write through even in other fields. It was so nice to write with the fountain but it couldn’t make it’s way all the way through the stack and you couldn’t […]

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First 2 Weeks as a Front End Web Developer

Just wanted to update everyone on my story since my post about leaving Mezzobit. I’ve got to say, after 2 weeks as, finally, a full time front end web developer, I am really enjoying it a heck of a lot!  I’m now a FE Dev for Worldnow and it’s a dynamic and exciting place with co workers that seem like really good natured, friendly people. I honestly like spending time with them and we all do the best we can to keep the stress down for each other while getting things done. At least that’s the way it feels so far. Finally, no more meetings and worries about having to […]

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