Finally Getting My Apple Watch Monday

So, I should be getting my Apple Watch this Monday. I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about how it’s just not worth the money, how it’s the best device for active people, and about how the specialness of the device runs out very quickly. In the end, I’ll decide for myself, but how do you feel? Everyone who reads this post, and has an Apple Watch, if you can take a few moments and let me know your opinions, it would go a long way in helping me think about how I should judge this device. Do you love it? Do you hate it? Do you feel like you […]

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Review / Comparison between Johnnie Walker Gold and Double Black

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I am a big fan of whiskies, especially my all time favorite, Johnnie Walker Gold Label, aged 18 years. Personally, I think that Gold brings together the best of all worlds. It has a great relaxing aroma that makes you feel truly thankful while drinking. Yes, a great taste at a price that won’t break the bank either. Compared to Johnnie Walker Blue, that is definitely what I’d consider a luxury and luxurious. Gold is my all time favorite. I tried Johnnie Walker Double Black last night for the first time and this is my short review. Compared with my favorite, which has a smooth sweet taste that slides down […]

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Interesting WordPress Problem

So I started a WP site a few days ago to learn more about the environment and see if I could attain some basic skills at being a WP dev.  Something has already broken … but I didn’t do it! It seems that only on the Chrome browser, I cannot enter my admin area.  I end up with a 500 internal server error! I can enter the admin area in any other browser and even the Chrome incognito browser.  It’s so strange! I have tried everything from increasing memory / replacing wp-admin and wp-includes / creating a new .htaccess / and disabling themes and plugins … nothing seems to fix […]

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