Response to an article about PS Vue Slim price increases

I read an article about PS Vue price increases and I was wondering what people who didn’t just sign up for the cheap plan thought. This was my comment and question.


Question, I’ve read about the price changes for the slim package but what about those who are already on the higher plans like the Elite plan for 54 bucks?

I’m on that after a terrible experience with Direct TV Now signing on for their first few months (free HBO and 30 bucks a month could not keep me there). Sure, it’s more expensive but I have access to all the channels I watched before and more Sony acquisitions or partner channels that i’ve really come to like. Also, I don’t have any of the headaches that I used to have on DTV. Unable to play, not being able to finish the shows I start, no DVR (a big downside for me).

I have to honestly say that I really love my Playstation Vue Experience. I posted on my facebook one morning that I was watching Formula 1 on DVR on a bus to work and then finished it at work! I could never have dreamed of doing that reliably on DTV. I had sooooo many headaches. What does everyone think about that?

Sometimes quality and features are worth paying for. I’ve been so much happier since switching and I hope PSVue grabs more customers once they try it. Once more, for me, the DVR feature is the best thing that no service should be without. I’m watching Inhumans right now recorded last night because my newborn needed me and of course that’s more important. I’m thankful for PS Vue.

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