Response to article: Five Reasons Why TV Is So Effective | Simulmedia

Response to article: Five Reasons Why TV Is So Effective | Simulmedia 


This is a very interesting article, I believe this is correct 100% … interestingly enough, no matter what I’m watching on any screen, I go straight to Amazon product reviews if I’m interested in a product or Google Assistant if I want to know more information about something I see. Then, naturally, Facebook will have an advertisement waiting for me on that product or products like it next time I log in. If I really want something, by this point, I’ve probably already bought it but thinking about my habits, seeing it again on FB usually eggs me on to go back and read more of the reviews to solidify why I like something or think about if I should return it after trying it (thanks to Prime service) – Or, the big win for them I think, making me buy something that could be considered an add-on. The ecosystem using cookies and all the information Google and FB already know about us, a company like Simulmedia may not be needed any longer (except to improve ROI more which is what they claim to do), I think everything is connected up just fine already in order to convert and snag a viewer and turn him / her into a buyer.


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