Response to article: Five Reasons Why TV Is So Effective | Simulmedia

Response to article: Five Reasons Why TV Is So Effective | Simulmedia  http://www.simulmedia.com/blog/2017/06/28/five-reasons-why-tv-is-so-effective/ This is a very interesting article, I believe this is correct 100% … interestingly enough, no matter what I’m watching on any screen, I go straight to Amazon product reviews if I’m interested in a product or Google Assistant if I want to know more information about something I see. Then, naturally, Facebook will have an advertisement waiting for me on that product or products like it next time I log in. If I really want something, by this point, I’ve probably already bought it but thinking about my habits, seeing it again on FB usually eggs […]

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Flexbox – Ever check it out?

Just a blurb but I finished checking out a CSS Flexbox course on Treehouse just now and it’s such an awesome tool in CSS, we all really should have looked into it sooner.  Admit it, you’re like me, you’ve been using display: flex; and / or inline-flex for the longest time yet all you knew was, “Oh wow, I like the way it looks this way!”  Flexbox containers and items along with the ability to make each element both if needed have opened up the doors of my mind! I really love 3 column layouts actually, I love the way they look and feel and how much information you can […]

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