Successful Akamai Purge

New Years Success

Just a short post because I am excited for all the challenges coming in this year.  I was able to write a script in Node.js for use in purging Akamai files. Long story short, my company set a long TTL on files on a certain directory and I needed a way to get my files updated. I created the working purger yesterday but today I wanted to make it more dynamic. It will now ask you on the command line what file you want to purge and then do it once you hit enter.  No more changing the url in the javascript file itself. Stoked, and glad it works.

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First 2 Weeks as a Front End Web Developer

Just wanted to update everyone on my story since my post about leaving Mezzobit. I’ve got to say, after 2 weeks as, finally, a full time front end web developer, I am really enjoying it a heck of a lot!  I’m now a FE Dev for Worldnow and it’s a dynamic and exciting place with co workers that seem like really good natured, friendly people. I honestly like spending time with them and we all do the best we can to keep the stress down for each other while getting things done. At least that’s the way it feels so far. Finally, no more meetings and worries about having to […]

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How to Learn New Languages (IMO)

This was in response to a question a colleague asked about what the best way to learn new coding languages are. I thought that I had created a good process, at least for me, and I hope others will be helped by being able to build a good framework of studying new languages for themselves as well using my example. ——–  I can add that when learning new languages, just go right in however you feel you can learn the best. I’ll give you an example using my current experience. I have to get at a deeper knowledge of XML / XSL / and refine my javascript skills as much as […]

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Object Oriented CSS

http://po.st/oocss – Original Article I read on Object Oriented CSS A colleague of mine told me about OOCSS a few days ago and I was intrigued and wanted to know more so I started reading about it around the web.   It’s funny, I didn’t have a “Eureka!” moment or didn’t say “Wow, this is cool!” I’ll tell you why! I actually felt like I was cheated a bit and lost some time developing my own CSS styling in this manner.  When I got back into coding around 2 years or so, I instinctively started styling with classes for the most part instead of ids because instinctively I thought, this […]

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Having Fun with Mongo DB

Thought I’d put together a short blog post about coding in MongoDb.  I’ve been back into coding for a bit longer than a year now and after learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails with ActiveRecord, remembering my HTML / CSS / Jquery, and of course getting into WordPress, Bootstrap, and a myriad of other technologies, I wanted to learn some Mongo DB.  We use it where I work so I was excited to hear from my manager that if I learned some Mongo, I’d get the keys to get inside our database.  Developing is something I’ve wanted to do more and more of and something my current place of employment […]

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