Working on IE11 W10

My Rant on Internet Explorer Development

So my big success if you can call it that this week in development is trying to solve an issue (one of many) that internet explorer has with CSS code in my development.  So at work, I created a “breaking news” treatment for stories for a news client and for some reason, a complaint came by my desk that it wasn’t working right on Internet Explorer? Really? Nah, that couldn’t be! I honestly don’t even test on IE if I don’t have time because I program on macs and my Windows on Parallels on my laptop refused to install correctly and I have not had time to debug it. My […]

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First 2 Weeks as a Front End Web Developer

Just wanted to update everyone on my story since my post about leaving Mezzobit. I’ve got to say, after 2 weeks as, finally, a full time front end web developer, I am really enjoying it a heck of a lot!  I’m now a FE Dev for Worldnow and it’s a dynamic and exciting place with co workers that seem like really good natured, friendly people. I honestly like spending time with them and we all do the best we can to keep the stress down for each other while getting things done. At least that’s the way it feels so far. Finally, no more meetings and worries about having to […]

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What the best web technology to use on a personal website?

This was a question posed on Quora yesterday. The questioner received no answers at the time so I thought I’d give him a suggestion (in my humble opinion). Here is my reply: I don’t think there is a best technology for a personal website. You should just use what you know or what you want to know. I’ll give you my example, I am a career changer and I did go to a code academy to beef up my coding skills. I needed a personal portfolio site in order to get a job.  I had just learned Ruby On Rails so I thought I’d use that but I didn’t have […]

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Object Oriented CSS – Original Article I read on Object Oriented CSS A colleague of mine told me about OOCSS a few days ago and I was intrigued and wanted to know more so I started reading about it around the web.   It’s funny, I didn’t have a “Eureka!” moment or didn’t say “Wow, this is cool!” I’ll tell you why! I actually felt like I was cheated a bit and lost some time developing my own CSS styling in this manner.  When I got back into coding around 2 years or so, I instinctively started styling with classes for the most part instead of ids because instinctively I thought, this […]

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