How to Learn New Languages (IMO)

This was in response to a question a colleague asked about what the best way to learn new coding languages are. I thought that I had created a good process, at least for me, and I hope others will be helped by being able to build a good framework of studying new languages for themselves as well using my example. ——–  I can add that when learning new languages, just go right in however you feel you can learn the best. I’ll give you an example using my current experience. I have to get at a deeper knowledge of XML / XSL / and refine my javascript skills as much as […]

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Finally Getting My Apple Watch Monday

So, I should be getting my Apple Watch this Monday. I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about how it’s just not worth the money, how it’s the best device for active people, and about how the specialness of the device runs out very quickly. In the end, I’ll decide for myself, but how do you feel? Everyone who reads this post, and has an Apple Watch, if you can take a few moments and let me know your opinions, it would go a long way in helping me think about how I should judge this device. Do you love it? Do you hate it? Do you feel like you […]

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