Response to article: Five Reasons Why TV Is So Effective | Simulmedia

Response to article: Five Reasons Why TV Is So Effective | Simulmedia  http://www.simulmedia.com/blog/2017/06/28/five-reasons-why-tv-is-so-effective/ This is a very interesting article, I believe this is correct 100% … interestingly enough, no matter what I’m watching on any screen, I go straight to Amazon product reviews if I’m interested in a product or Google Assistant if I want to know more information about something I see. Then, naturally, Facebook will have an advertisement waiting for me on that product or products like it next time I log in. If I really want something, by this point, I’ve probably already bought it but thinking about my habits, seeing it again on FB usually eggs […]

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What the best web technology to use on a personal website?

This was a question posed on Quora yesterday. The questioner received no answers at the time so I thought I’d give him a suggestion (in my humble opinion). Here is my reply: I don’t think there is a best technology for a personal website. You should just use what you know or what you want to know. I’ll give you my example, I am a career changer and I did go to a code academy to beef up my coding skills. I needed a personal portfolio site in order to get a job.  I had just learned Ruby On Rails so I thought I’d use that but I didn’t have […]

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First thoughts on the Apple Watch

I’ve spent about 2 days with my Apple Watch now, I must say, as most Apple products are, it’s very easy to use. It’s also very easy to set up. After opening up my watch and turning it on, it took less than 10 minutes to input my information and tell it that I did not want it to bring all the apps I had on my iPhone that could be imported to my watch. After that, it was ready to go. It came with about 60% power and I was off to the races. Throughout the day, I did things like bring over some apps, set up my “glances,” […]

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