How to Learn New Languages (IMO)

This was in response to a question a colleague asked about what the best way to learn new coding languages are. I thought that I had created a good process, at least for me, and I hope others will be helped by being able to build a good framework of studying new languages for themselves as well using my example. ——–  I can add that when learning new languages, just go right in however you feel you can learn the best. I’ll give you an example using my current experience. I have to get at a deeper knowledge of XML / XSL / and refine my javascript skills as much as […]

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Having Fun with Mongo DB

Thought I’d put together a short blog post about coding in MongoDb.  I’ve been back into coding for a bit longer than a year now and after learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails with ActiveRecord, remembering my HTML / CSS / Jquery, and of course getting into WordPress, Bootstrap, and a myriad of other technologies, I wanted to learn some Mongo DB.  We use it where I work so I was excited to hear from my manager that if I learned some Mongo, I’d get the keys to get inside our database.  Developing is something I’ve wanted to do more and more of and something my current place of employment […]

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