What the best web technology to use on a personal website?

This was a question posed on Quora yesterday. The questioner received no answers at the time so I thought I’d give him a suggestion (in my humble opinion). Here is my reply: I don’t think there is a best technology for a personal website. You should just use what you know or what you want to know. I’ll give you my example, I am a career changer and I did go to a code academy to beef up my coding skills. I needed a personal portfolio site in order to get a job.  I had just learned Ruby On Rails so I thought I’d use that but I didn’t have […]

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Object Oriented CSS – Original Article I read on Object Oriented CSS A colleague of mine told me about OOCSS a few days ago and I was intrigued and wanted to know more so I started reading about it around the web.   It’s funny, I didn’t have a “Eureka!” moment or didn’t say “Wow, this is cool!” I’ll tell you why! I actually felt like I was cheated a bit and lost some time developing my own CSS styling in this manner.  When I got back into coding around 2 years or so, I instinctively started styling with classes for the most part instead of ids because instinctively I thought, this […]

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