Tivo Bolt, my response

TL;DR I’m a big fan of Tivo but sadly the service provided is outdated and too expensive.
I was one of those extreme loyal followers of Tivo in the past. I had 2 Tivo boxes and I carried one of them with me on trips   It was so easy to bring one with me to watch the backlog of shows and leave the other one at home to keep recording local programming. Plus, at home, that’s how I got my 4 tuners years before there was a box that could do that. Sadly, I still love Tivo’s UI and ease of use but I think it’s way too expensive in this day and age. At least for the 500 dollar box, you should throw in lifetime service. Today, I don’t own anything but an Apple TV (Roku is better but I like AirPlay) and I’m still on the DirectTV Now trial. It would be an awesome thing to have the ability to record Direct TV Now shows on the Tivo (even when their service is cr@ppy which is most of the time. It would be great to watch a whole program without a freeze or error but you’d have to get the signal straight from the origin I guess without their interface which is probably the cause of the issue). I can already watch Netflix and Amazon Prime online or downloaded and Crunchyroll, DW, CBSN, and NHK are very good online as well. The sad thing for my favorite Tivo brand is the traditional service you provide is just not needed anymore. And! The features you provide that are needed are just too expensive. We need a reliable service that can handle serving and saving our real time internet programming. I want to have the ability to save NHK Japanology Plus whenever it’s on (even after we change our clocks), DW’s Euromaxx when it’s on, and FX’s Legion on Direct TV Now (but when their app breaks, somehow keep the recording in one piece) … But also provide this for a decent price. I know everything Tivo has advanced in TV technology since it’s inception but 15.99 a month is just too expensive. If you miss an episode now, for those who know how, you can just watch it streamed online which I’ve read is not illegal. And that’s free.

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